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Junior Achievers (Ages 7 – 12)

At New Tampa Karate, our Junior Achievers Program is designed to help children just like yours develop the kind of confidence and energy necessary for success in all aspects of life. Academic success, greater self-confidence, and a more responsible attitude are all benefits experienced by students who train at our dojo. Martial arts is a really fun experience for kids! It's especially fun when they get rewarded for hard work and good behavior. Kids become more flexible, coordinated and "lean out" their bodies. They learn the importance of eating healthy and how that affects our bodies.

In all of our Karate Classes, kids learn traditional and creative katas (forms), judo techniques, and sport karate skills. Our effective combination of martial arts helps students learn to better themselves physically, gain confidence, perseverance and other Black Belt Principles, which gives kids the tools they need for a successful life.

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