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What Exactly is Karate?

The formal description of Karate is an unarmed form of combat that uses combinations of hand and feet movements to both block and deliver blows. New Tampa Karate incorporates key principles of this ancient art into our modern form of using Karate to teach important life lessons while achieving high levels of physical fitness. There are many benefits associated with Karate, which include:

  • ✓ Increased Focus & Discipline
  • ✓ Improved Self-Esteem
  • ✓ Self-Respect & Self-Confidence
  • ✓ Increased Flexibility & Overall Fitness

Why Choose New Tampa Karate?

New Tampa Karate is fully committed to teaching people of all ages the benefits of Karate for today’s practical lifestyles. Not only do all of our instructors hold Black Belts, but they also began their respective martial arts careers here at our Dojo. That means that each of the New Tampa Karate instructors are fully invested in the success of the Academy and in the development of each student. New Tampa Karate is a fully accredited SHITO-RYU karate school which means that achievements earned at our Dojo are honored at any other SHITO-RYU karate school in the world. Senei Eddie Aranzazu is the owner and operator of New Tampa Karate and has practiced martial arts for more than 25+ years. His keen expertise in martial arts combined with his emphasis on success and respect make the New Tampa Karate the premiere martial arts school in Tampa.

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